Mark as "reviewed" on mobile app

When I’m using the “explore” tab in the app, it would be nice to be able to mark the ones as reviewed that I’ve already looked at, and can’t make a determination on, or that I’m only one of the two needed to get it to Research Grade.

Hi @haida_gwaii, sorry it took a while for this to get approved; we had deja vu reading this and had to look to see if it was a duplicate request. (It may still be and we couldn’t find it? or maybe it was just mentioned in another topic…)

All observations that you’ve added an ID to are automatically marked as reviewed. Are you just asking to be able to mark as reviewed on individual observations or also to filter by reviewed status on the Explore page?

For the former request, are you requesting something like this:

Since the mobile app is focused on observation creation (not identification of other users’ obs), and intended to have fewer features and filters for simplicity’s sake, I’m not sure if it’d be a priority to add more ID-focused filters to its Explore page. But maybe!

Also somewhat related:

And @jtklein does have a simple identification app where you can help ID unknowns as plant/animal/fungi:

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Yes, something that I am not able to identify by the evidence given, say, there’s lots of Ranunculus entries that are only the flower, no leaves. Maybe someone else can tell what they are, but I can’t. I’d like to mark those as reviewed (with a checkbox as you showed) would be great. But I also understand that the app is primarily for adding observations, and that it is already “heavy”, so I would be all for a separate app just for identification. I messaged the developer about testing his app.


You can access the web version of iNat from a browser on your phone, but I think the Identify page is by far the easiest way to be doing IDs, and for all but the simplest IDs it is a lot easier with a larger screen than a phone or tablet has. Even just casting the screen of the phone to a larger monitor can make a world of difference when identifying!