How to Find Observations I Haven’t Yet Identified

I’m doing some identifying in an area, and I keep on stumbling onto observations I’ve already IDed. I was wondering if there was a URL to exclude observations that I’ve already made an identification on?

How are you doing your identifying? On id tab everything you’ve ided is marked as reviewed and you don’t see it.

I should’ve specified in the beginning that I’m doing my identifications on the explore page. I’ve found that doing it on identify makes it harder to see any notes or comments on the observation.

Well, explore page is not done for iding, but check the url topic, you can exclude iders with url.

You can exclude observations you have already reviewed by using the filters in Explore. When you put an ID on something, iNat automatically marks the observation reviewed. The default in Explore is to show you everything but if you open up More Filters and check Reviewed - No it will only show you those that you haven’t reviewed yet.


I haven’t figured out the URLs completely, does this look right?,Amphibia&without_ident_user_id=rinaturalist

Thank you, that worked!

Yup, like that!

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