Create a live map service for ArcMAP and/or Google Earth with iNat Data and Links


I don’t know the technical or dev side of this but it would be amazing to have a live map server of iNat observations i could load into ArcMap, Google Earth, QGIS, or other such programs.



This isn’t really what you’re asking for but in QGIS it’s possible to overlay arbitrary raster tile sources, like this eye-burningly awful map of iNat Quercus rubra points on top of GBIF bird hexagon bins over a Stamen Toner base layer:

The iNat and GBIF URL templates are{z}/{x}/{y}.png?taxon_id=49005{z}/{x}/{y}@1x.png?taxonKey=212&bin=hex&hexPerTile=30&style=classic-noborder.poly


The GBIF API supports a lot more options, and you could use it to retrieve only iNat points, too. Of course, this is only useful for visualization, not for querying.



That’s awesome. I suspect i could do more than what I know how to do now if i just knew more. My workplace has map services that stream things like elevation data or air photos into my project without having to download them. I wondered if there is a way to get live iNat data that way too, and probably there is, but it’s beyond my ability. It would be awesome to just have it on google maps for a variety of reasons but this is probably roaming well into ‘weird stuff Charlie wants that no one else cares about’ land

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FWIW, is an indispensable addition to QGIS that will let you set a Google base layer (you need to add an API key though). I suspect Arc has similar functionality.