iNat API help (to extract points with attributes)

Hello I’m looking to fetch iNat observations from a project and display them in an ArcGIS online map. I’m able to grab the json attributes but they don’t have coordinates as far as I can tell.

Do I have to go through the UTFgrid endpoint (excuse me if I’m saying this wrong) to be able to display points and attributes?

I don’t need a basemap, just the coordinates.

Thank you for any help or direction.

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what are the API calls do you use to get you data?
In the data returned for observations the coordinates should be included.


i suspect that trying to use the API to produce a visualization in AGOL that you can also click on to reveal observation data is probably not the best course of action for most folks.

/v1/observations returns only up to 200 observations per request, and the UTFGrids are generally meant only to accompany the observation map tiles, which are somewhat simplified visualizations of observations anyway. (and AGOL doesn’t really handle UTFGrids anyway, as far as i know.)

probably the best thing for most people is to export the observations you’re interested in via the standard CSV export, store the CSV in AGOL or another cloud store, and then create your map using that.

folks who are more technically proficient could automate the process of exporting (or extracting data from /v1/observations) and saving to the cloud so that the data could be updated periodically automatically.


Thank you, you are right I see coordinates now. Thank you for the document.

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Thank you for the information. I’ll start with the CSV export and see how I do :)

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