Create an "are you sure" popup when suspending a user for spam

Platform(s): Website

URLs: none

Description of need: Right now when curators open the admin toolbox on a user page, the “flag as spammer” button is directly adjacent to the “view moderation history” button, and very close to to the “comments” button. One click of the “flag as spammer” button suspends the user, this makes it extremely easy to accidentally suspend a user when looking at their moderation history or comments, which is obviously not good, the user can be unsuspended, but accidental suspensions risk antagonizing users, which is especially problematic if it is a user whose behavior curators already have a concern about, as is often the case if a curator is looking at the moderation history or comments

Feature request details: When the “flag as spammer” button is clicked, a popup should come up asking for a reason, just like when content is hidden or a user is suspended for other reasons, if the requirement to input a reason is too burdensome, a simple “are you sure” prompt like the one that appears when you try to delete your own comment should come up, this way it is still easy to flag spammers, but a single misclick will not suspend someone

The current admin toolbox (zoomed in, it is normally smaller):

The prompt you get when you click “delete” on your own comment

I’ve accidentally marked as spam 3 different times when I was trying to click on moderation or comment history, so I’d definitely benefit from this…

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The current situation comes across as unpleasant, and the risk towards fellow users is a legitimate concern. The solution is simple and clear. I support this request!


Yeah, this is a no-brainer. I’ve made a github issue for it:


This has been added. It’s working for me. I’d like to see if it works for a curator, you can go ahead and flag this account as a spammer and let me know.


It works. Both ways.



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