Create Annotation 'collection' checklist by species and annotation


I really enjoy looking back over my Species page and reminiscing about observations (I come from the Pokemon generation, so i want to go out and Photograph them all!), but I’ve found the ‘Species’ tab doesn’t separate enough as I’d like, and the Observations tab separates too much. I’d love something in the middle.

For example, I have an observation of Green Lacewing Eggs. Although they are a great observation for scientific purposes (they clearly show the organism is active in the area), I would not consider myself to have ‘seen’ a Green lacewing. I’ve only seen the eggs. The same for some other

I would like a tab that collects my observations by both species and annotation, so while I am scrolling down the list I might see ‘Hemicordulia Tau, Male, Adult’ and ‘Hemicordulia Tau, Female, nymph’ and ‘Hemicordulia Tau, male, nymph’ as three separate listings, but if I have multiple ‘Hemicordulia Tau, Male, Adult’ observations, they do not appear separately. My Green lacewing observation would appear as ‘Green lacewing, eggs’, and I would not have a ‘Green Lacewing, Adult’ observation, as i’ve yet to find one!

Hopefully this would encourage more use of the annotations feature, but for me it is I suppose a personal request, as this sort of system is simply most in line with what I personally want to get out of iNaturalist, a diary of the things I’ve seen while out in nature.



Have you tried making a collection project? You can currently only choose one annotation value, but you can do things like this: And edit it to see different results.

Here’s our Managing Projects page:

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