Is it possible to filter observations in a project by whether certain observation fields are filled out?

Hello all- I created the project “Backyard Pollinators Bay Area” and am tracking which pollinators are attracted to which flowering plants. Some of the observations have information about the nectar or pollen providing plant, the color of the flower visited, etc, while other observations do not have that information filled out. Are there ways of filtering the observations by either those which have or those which don’t have a certain field completed? Additionally, I have had trouble when I wanted to filter by a given plant species, say California poppies, and bring up a complete list of pollinators in the project that have been observed visiting that same plant species. So far, I have figured out how to bring up that information in a roundabout way, if I have one observation of bee visiting a California poppy and the “Nectar / Pollen delivering plant” field is completed, I can click on that field and search for more observations where that field is completed in the same way. That is all very well, but for somewhat more obscure flowers, where I know I have seen an observation somewhere of a pollinator visiting that flower, it can be very difficult to re-locate an observation. Any tips? If this functionality does not already exist, this might be a feature request.

Find an observation that has the observation field you want in it. Open it, click on the name of the field, you will see several options, choose observations with this field. That will do a search and create a url like this

Edit the url and add &project_id=24786 that is the internal ID for your project, you can find it by adding .json to the url of your project home page

Thus getting

I’d likely bookmark it and then repeat as required for others. I don’t know how to find records without a field in a project.


Additionally there is an undocumented tool that is effectively a summary of observation fields that can display as an additional tab on a taxon page. I just can’t remember the syntax, maybe someone else here does. Otherwise I will try to research what it is.

It was here (?test=interactions):


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