Create Offline lifelist of your observations

Hi all,

Is there any feature available in Inaturalist app/desktop site that enables to save their life list offline in some format?

Even if there is any R code available to do just that, please share!


There’s an Export button on lists.

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For your observations go to “your observations”, click on “filters” and click the “download” option in the lower right of the pop-up window.

For your Life List, on the old style go to the page and look at the bottom of the page on the lower left.

In the new Life List (the Dynamic List), the export button is on the upper right of the page.

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I am looking for downloading all my inat pictures from observations and creating a taxonomically ordered PDF in R studio. I have managed to do:

  1. Using Export, I took all my observations as csv
  2. Downloaded all the pictures from inat from image_url in CSV

Now for ordering them taxonomically and creating Table of Contents in the same way, what are the variables do I need? Is there any metadata IDs available with which I can merge my dataset and sort ?

That I don’t know.

One of the community moderators may be able to help with that.

A lot of the more technical discussions concerning iNat take place over on Github. I think you’d be most likely to get an answer to that sort of a question there.

iNat’s taxonomy doesn’t really store relationships between sibling taxa, only parent-child relationships. but if you’re fine with that limitation and still want to do a pseudo-taxonomic sort, i would start with the data from the dynamic life list:

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is there any standard dataset available to merge with, for taxonomical sort?

i’m not aware of any “standard” database / set that keeps information needed for a true taxonomic sort across many types of organisms. there are individual papers and datasets that do organize, say, ferns or morning glories.

otherwise, you can use the parent-child definitions in the iNat data to partially define a taxonomic sort, and then just order sibling taxa based on, say, alphabetical name.

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I have created a prototype:

Check here:

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