Create two "reviewed" categories: "hide" and "follow-up"

While I was doing some identifying today, and I got to thinking it might be helpful if there were two different types of “reviewed.” One for stuff I definitely never want to see again (blurry photos, things like alga which I never plan to learn how to ID) and one for things which I want a second look at later.

I took a stab at amending your topic title to make it a more specific request; feel free to adjust the wording.

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Yes that’s good. I was having trouble thinking of names for them, but “hide” is perfect. Even if the “follow-up” one continued to be named “reviewed,” that would be fine as long as it no longer included those observations marked “hidden.”


Meanwhile I use Follow to keep that obs in my queue.

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I like the idea and it gets my vote, but I imagine it would have performance implications. There is also a revamp underway on the notifications system, and perhaps it would be a good idea to add this proposal to the thread on the revamp… Sorry, on phone and I can’t find it easily at the moment.

It can be accomplished by using a bookmark folder and you can also create subfolders for specific categories of followup.

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