Creating a Project Map

My apologies for the remedial question, but how do you delineate the geographical borders of a “project”.

I have created a “place” for an elementary school that is looking to create a species list for their property. But, when I go in to create a collection project, I don’t see any option for identifying the geographic limits of the project.

Thank you!

You will first need to create a new “place” for the school:

You will then be able to set the project to only have observations from that place.

You should see a section for “observation requirements” “Include Places” is one of the options. Once your place is available, select it there and it should act as a filter.


Thank you! I must have looked right past that. I appreciate the tip.

One problem you may run into with a very small place is that observations that have a location uncertainty or an obscured location that falls outside of your place will not be automatically added to your project. This rule exists to prevent people from circumventing the location geoprivacy settings for obscured observations. The only way to get around this restriction is to make a traditional project and manually add the observations.

Or make the project boundaries a little bigger than the actual ones. This shouldn’t cause problems in most cases.

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