Creating hotlists of interesting observations

I often find myself interested in a particular target species and want to bookmark observations for later use in the field (i.e., access via the Android app). If I get really obsessive, I might want to export that set of observations so I can load it into GIS software or turn it into waypoints for loading into a GPS unit.

I found at least one discussion of this issue before ( If community members confirm here that there’s still really no good way to do this, I’ll reframe this as a feature request and give more background and justification in that forum.


Three options:

  1. Add it to favorites or check the area’s top 10 identifier’s favorites
  2. &popular in the filter:
  3. Comment search (slow loading):

I often wish to do the same thing, but there’s not an easy way. It isn’t the most elegant solution, but you could make yourself a little traditional project to put them in.


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