Add an observation to a personal list at time of observation


It would be very useful to have a dropdown in the app, similar to the project choice, where I can send an observation to one of my lists immediately and save the multiple steps of editing lists in desktop at a later time.



i personally have not heard much about lists or people using them, so this might be pretty niche, but we can see how many votes it gets.

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Support for lists appears to have been depreciated, eg no longer supported in search/filters, so I suspect no new functionality supporting them will be added. (Though personally I still find them very useful)



For clarity, if you’re referring to lists like, those have never been lists of observations, only lists of taxa, so I’m not sure what the feature you’re requesting would do, exactly. Lists are also a giant pain the behind for us so, as Tony indicated, we aren’t going to do much to support them, certainly not integrating them into the apps. If you want lists of taxa you’ve observed within particular observation search parameters, I’d focus on making collection projects (you can set them up so you’re the only allowed observer).

If you’re referring to some other kind of “list” perhaps you can explain what you mean with URLs and screenshots?



That all sounds fine. I’m just looking for a few lists of different things I’ve seen at my house, or various other locations. Sounds like a personal project will work for that. I did find the functionality of the lists pretty terrible and non-intuitive…maybe it’s worth a disclaimer so new users don’t waste time trying to figure them out. Thanks!

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I’m going to close this topic.

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