Creating/managing account for another person?

I’m considering creating an account for my elderly father, who is not very tech savvy, so that I can upload the photos he texts me from his yard. My question is if more than one account can share the same email address? I would be managing the account and responding to potential ID suggestions, so it would be easier to have it linked to my email if possible. He is just taking photos around his yard (so I know the exact location) and I’d be able to find out the date/time stamp when the photos were taken. Thanks!

Eric Hough


No, you can’t use the same email address, but it shouldn’t be a big deal creating a new email acc and it will help you sorting out notifications from different acounts.


You could create a new email and have your email provider auto-forward everything from iNat to your main email (I know you can do this in Gmail with filters, it’s probably similar with other providers)


In gmail you have nearly infinite address variation possibilities that will all go to your same inbox by adding +something before the iNat (and most of the internet) will treat those as unique email addresses. So if you have gmail you could make an account with


Oh nice! I didn’t know about this until you mentioned it, but found a tips page about it:


And Outlook does the same.

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Thanks everyone! :)

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