Crop humans from pictures of Canadian Geese or leave for data on habituation?

I have several high quality, close up pictures of Canadian geese (they just hang around this park/fishing pier). The pictures have humans (my little humans to be specific). I can crop them out easily, but I was curious if the evidence of habituation might of use or if I should just crop them. TIA

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Either option is perfectly acceptable as long as the geese can be identified from the photos. What I suggest: uploaded a cropped 1:1 photo (as described in this thread) as the first photo of the observation, and include the uncropped photo with evidence of habituation as the second photo in the same observation.

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Thank you for the response! I actually have another question and I can’t seem to find an answer to, is it appropriate to ask here or should I make a another thread?

My pleasure. If it is about a different topic, it is best to create a new thread.


I think @That_Bug_Guy has specifically found the exact solution to this problem in his observation of Branta canadensis, I think it’s definitely worth considering…


Excellent, I love it.


Look, it already spreading,


I guess that makes it peer-reviewed and it can now be claimed as a widely-accepted method?

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Yep, it’s as you could say “Research Grade”!

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