CSV export blocked

a CSV export has stopped and data can no longer be exported

the export screen was changed recently so that you can run only one export job at a time. if you have one currently running, wait for it to finish before running another export. if you’re saying that your job has already completed or it ran into some sort of error, and now you are unable to kick off another, please provide more details – maybe a screenshot of the job that’s running and error messages.



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hmmm… i suppose for this situation, you’ll probably need the assistance of iNat staff to dig into why that job that you kicked off on July 2 is not running. it’s a holiday in the USA today. so i’m not sure if someone will look at it right away. but if it’s urgent, i would send an e-mail to help@inaturalist.org describing this issue.

otherwise, this does sort of look like a minor bug. so maybe one of the moderators can reclassify this as a bug.

finally, i believe these jobs get deleted from the system after about 5 days or so. so if you can wait, then the problem hopefully will be resolved automatically after a few days. (this also means that it may be difficult to troubleshoot after a few days, if the details of the problem job are deleted.)

thank you very much!

Another user wrote to us with a similar problem, we’re looking into it.

CSV export has been restarted. Thanks to the Inaturalist staff!

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