Endless queuing when downloading data


Been waiting a couple of days for my .csv files to be ready for download. I’ve tried breaking my original search up into smaller ones, even created a secondary account just to try to download a couple of observations. I’ve used the feature before with similar sized searches and no problem. Just says “Queueing” for days…


As mentioned elsewhere, background processing is really slammed due to City Nature Challenge, and since exports get generated in the background, they are super, super slow right now. Might want to try again in a week or so.

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@kueda Thanks for taking the time to reply, I tried searching for a similar issue but didn’t realize that’s what other people were experiencing too. Bummer, I was hoping to use iNat for a GIS final project </3


Please see my note here as a possible solution

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@cmcheatle Thanks so much! Ironically enough, all by backlogged downloads just came though …

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