CSV upload problem

Hey All- I downloaded the CSV file template and put my observations in according to the specified format. I got a note that they have been queued. Anyone know how long this takes to import? I have not received any emails about errors .etc. Thanks!

It should be quite fast.
I suspect you opt out for our emails, that’s why you don’t receive the CSV import results mail.
Could you try to find one of the last mails you received from us, and click on the bottom link to manage your email preferences and opt in again?

Thank you for the reply. I don’t typically get any emails and this is what my settings look like now.

You can also unsubscribe from our emails from the link inside our emails.
Please have a look at one email from no-reply@inaturalist.org
You will find a link at the very bottom to “Update you subscribing preferences”

If you can’t find any mail, please contact me by Private Message. I will update your preferences on our servers.

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