Cultivated observations showing on taxon map

When I view a taxon page such as Triteleia laxa the distribution map shows the aggregate of Casual observations plus RG and other Verifiable observations. For example, all the observations in Europe and on the east coast of the United States for this taxon are Casual/Cultivated and show in the taxon map.

Unchecking “Verifiable observations” makes the RG/Verifiable observations go away, but keeps the cultivated ones. Checking “Verifiable observations” shows both.

Strangely, if I uncheck “Observations w/o Media”, that does hide the cultivated plants. It seems the behavior has been this way for some time, but I’m sure it used to work as expected. There’s a thread here about a similar issue in the past.

Verified for website in Firefox and Chrome on Mac.

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By “show” what do you mean? I see states and countries like New York appear if I have checklists toggled on, but not individual observation dots.

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For me, the taxon page shows Checklist Places, Verifiable Obs and Obs w/o Media by default. Here’s what I see when I zoom out. All the observations in the eastern US and in Europe are cultivated.

The only way to hide the cultivated observations (which do all have images) is to uncheck “Observations w/o Media”. This seems like a bug.


Ah OK, you’re correct. We’re looking into this.


Any luck figuring this bug out? I keep tripping over it when I expand the location map for an observation to compare its location with other iNat observations for that species. In that context you don’t get the option to choose which layers to see, so all the casual observations show up as well.

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Yes, we’ve figured it out and are working on a fix.


OK, we did some rejiggering and there is now a captive observations toggle for taxon page maps:

So you can turn the captive/cultivated layer on and off.


Thanks! That does look better, and it’s helpful to be able to separately toggle on/off “Observations w/o Media” and “Captive/Cultivated”.

One suggestion though: Would it be possible to use a paler color for “Observations w/o Media” and/or turn them off by default? Right now they’re on by default and they draw the eye much more strongly than the regular RG observations. I assume that most people looking at a taxon map want to know where the species has been reliably observed by iNat users and that finding outliers is a minority use, so the dark brown color is rather misleading.

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Observations w/o media shouldn’t be on by default. I just made a new account it shows:


The toggles are “sticky”, meaning that if you turn them on for one map, they’ll be turned on for other maps until you turn them off.

I’ll take a look at that observation you mentioned.

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Ooh, very neat. Will the colors eventually transfer over to the other maps (individual observation and ID page and such?)

As far as I know, we have no plans to do that.

If not I’d have a preference towards the captive organisms not showing on the ID maps even though I like them where they have different color. No biggie though.

ID maps = the compare tool and computer vision suggestions?

I meant the little maps in as well as the observation maps.

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