"Observations with this field" not showing cultivated observations


Documenting cultivated plants and their associated insect and fungi, is a important part of applied biological research. Given that our survival depends on cultivated plants, this kind of documentation is also vital for mankind. Having this in mind i lately created 3 “Observation groups” two of these groups contain a clearly cultivated plant, and associated organisms.

Here the cultivated “sugar cane” observation

here the cultivated “cacao tree” observation

Please go to these observations and click the “Observation group” field. You might notice that the “observation group” search result, do show the respective associated organisms, the cultivated crop plant is however not shown. Given the importance of the matter, I would consider this a significant bug.

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Shows up if you include all results:


But yeah, would probably be best if these links defaulted to “verifiable=any” like a few other parts of the site.



It also defaults to only showing results from my region. So I need to click on the filter and turn off ‘verified’ and turn off the ‘place’ to actually ‘see all observations with this field and value’ as promised by the observation field link.




Cassi, can my original “general” topic be changed to a feature request, or do I need to start it from scratch?

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Yep, see:

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This is not a bug as it’s intentional. I’ll write the feature request in my report this week.

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thanks for solving this!

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