Curation / Taxon pictures / Empty last page without "Previous" button

When editing the prefered pictures in a taxon page (Curation -> Edit Photos), I click on the Next button and fall on an empty page, where I remain blocked because there is no Prev button. I can only exit, either saving the changes or discarding the changes.

This is more annoying if there are many pages before reaching the end: I can’t guess when I will be blocked. And trying again takes much time, if there are many Photos.

If getting a last empty page cannot be avoided (the set of photos may change at any time, depending on ID changes), then a Prev button is needed, at least.

I got this issue with a few taxon pages, for instance Senna pumilio:

Agree this is annoying.

But you don’t actually have to exit, you can just select something different from the drop-down menu and it will reset the photo browser.

Closing this since there’s an active Github issue and a forum thread for it.