Stay on taxon page photo browser when clicking other taxa

If I’m at the taxon page photo browser (get there by clicking “View more” on any taxon page):

when I click one of the taxa in the top left or use the taxon search in the upper right corner:

I’d love that to bring me right to the photo browser page for that taxon,

rather than what it currently does, which is bring me to the main taxon page, and then I have to click “View more” again.

To clarify, it should only bring me to the taxon page photo browser when I am currently on the taxon page photo browser. If I’m on the taxon page, the search should still go to the main taxon pages.

Or, the links in that search dropdown there could be something like “View photos | About” instead.

Or, if I could view all photos on a redesigned Explore (and not cropped to squares), that’d probably replace the taxon page photo browser for me.

I wouldn’t like the main button to be changed, as I use this search to add common names, but if it was similar to the choice of usual search “view/about” it would be better.

If you’re already on the taxon page (for example on the Taxonomy tab, adding common names), I don’t think the search results should bring you to the photo browser. I added a clarifying point to the post. Thanks!


Yeah, I understand it better now!

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