Curators ability to review copyright flagged photos appear broken in some cases

For example on this flag :

Happens on multiple flags put on content from this user, but others seem to work fine.

Clicking the ‘you can view the original at’ link is generating the error as follows (text does not post well, so picture attached)

I don’t know if it’s related, but I just noticed that some flags that have previously been cleared for copyright infringement by curators and had the picture restored are now not showing the pics

Nope, now that I read it, this is a separate issue.

Btw (since this is still open), I have a workaround for you.
I am not a curator, but this URL format works for viewing the original photo that has been flagged for copyright (remove spaces, substitute relevant info for the brackets):

https: //static. inaturalist.​ org/photos/ [photo #] / [size] .jpeg?1596810206

For size, you can use (sans quotes) “small”, “medium”, “large” or “original”.