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I have a serious question for the community.

When I first joined Inat, a user posted photos that were screenshots off their camera. My 14 year old self was quick to flag them off as “Copyright Infringement”. These were his photos, and I flagged over 10 of his screenshots.
I was wondering today if a copyright infringement flag could be lifted if it was erroneous, and if there is a way for a user(me or another person viewing this thread) to appear a copyright infringement flag.
Thanks in advance.


A curator can pull up all of your copyright infringement flags, and resolve any or all of them. If you know a specific curator you can tag for help, that is one way, otherwise you can email

I see 11 flags on one user, and later 5 more on other different users. If those first 11 are the ones you flagged in error, I’d be happy to resolve them for you.


I checked them all, resolved all the ones I think were probably in error, and added comments to the rest (theres one that could go either way).

Its too bad there isn’t a way to mark resolved as infringement, so that it would be easier to actually review them. As is, unless the user complains, most incorrect flags probably will never get resolved. Though looking at a random sample of recent ones I would guess maybe only like 5% of copyright flags are definitely incorrect. Even the incorrect ones are usually an understandable mistake like a photo that is heavily copyright watermarked but on further investigation the watermarks belong to the user in question.


Just want to put it out there that I’m always happy to help, yayemaster. You or anybody else. Especially the stuff that doesn’t involve taxonomy because I get scared about messing that stuff up. So always feel free to tag me if you ever need anything.


Not sure if this relates to
Which says I was given the power to resolve taxon flags I created

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Thanks for the help. The eleven by the user( I do not want to give out names) are erroneous.


Helpful for sure – if one can track down the flags 3 years after the fact, which was the challenge in this case. I don’t think non-curators can see or use the flag-query system I linked above, but I’d love to hear confirmation one way or the other from a non-curator.

Thanks for that.
If I did not clarify the other 5 observations by different users are copyright infringement.

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I for sure could access the search interface at before I got curator status. I could for sure see at least search for flags made by me and about me, and flags on taxa. I don’t know if I could have seen anything else, I didn’t check. You do have to log in to use the search at all, so I can’t test it now.

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I’m not a curator, and I could see all the flags I’ve raised by putting my username in and all the ones that yayemaster has raised when I put their user name in


Excellent, so that means anyone should be able to find and resolve any flag(s) they created, if they decide the flag was erroneous or is no longer relevant, and if no one else has added a comment to the flag yet.

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I can see my flags.
But I cannot resolve it.

The comment on the flag might have been preventing that, even though it is your own. If it hadn’t already been resolved by someone else, I would suggest trying to delete the comment first. The ability of non-curators to resolve their own flags is mainly intended for cases where the flagger discovers that their flag was unintentional or unneeded.


That’s fair. Mine wasn’t a mistake. The 2 sources disagree and POWO is the one iNat uses.

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