Current order of Cerithium vulgatum

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Depending on the websites, the order to which the marine snail Cerithium vulgatum belongs changes (either it is Caenogastropoda or it is Sorbeoconcha).

Which of the two orders is, currently, the official of this species?

We follow MolluscaBase which places Cerithioidea in the subclass Caenogastropoda (in an unassigned order).

It may be that MB isn’t totally consistent with this usage, though.

These discussions are usually best for taxon flags.

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in an unassigned order

What I don’t understand is that in the link it says “[unassigned] Caenogastropoda (Order)”.

Why do they cite it if it’s an unassigned order?

It probably means that it either doesn’t belong in any named order, or we don’t yet know which order it should be in. They’re not listing it under an actual order. That’s a sort of catch-all for everything in Caenogastropoda that doesn’t have an assigned order.

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