More trouble with my life list

So I tried the solution proposed in this thread, and it just made matters worse! Observations that were correctly identified to species have been bumped back to genus, or in one case, subclass. Here is what I mean:

Here is the observation, with the correct ID to species:

But I noticed that in my life list, it still appeared incorrectly as Genus Juga (my initial ID). So, I applied the solution in the aforementioned thread, and now it is “Coenogastropod Snails:”

How can I get it to appear as the correct species? Same question for the ones that got bumped back to genus.

In old version lifelist you can add and delete any taxon manually (button in upper right corner) if you’re not bored to do it. To delete old wrong one you need to open that taxon from list > edit> refresh observations> shows zero and you can delete it

The old life lists are pretty buggy and are in the process of being decommissioned (see here).
Is there a reason you don’t want to use the new life list? It looks like this:

Just that when I go to my profile, the link that appears as “jasonhernandez74’s life list” is the old one. I am not aware of how to switch over.

You mean the link at
There should also be a banner at the top linking to the new life list:

If you’re thinking of somewhere else, I’m not sure I know what you mean.

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They’ll probably update the “Species” link on your profile to your new life list when the rest of the list updates are made and/or when profiles are redesigned.

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No, I mean the one at the left below the “New List” button. I tend not to see banners because I unconsciously think they are ads. Is there a way to change that link to link to the new one?

I don’t think so, but as Cassi said, there will probably be a re-design soon.

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