Currently growing lithops any tips?

Hey everyone Ive recently started buying succulents from a local nursery and I deiced to take on lithops. Im nervous because the one I have is all lump and wrinkly and I keep thinking it would like some water but I was told that the main cause for customers killing them is over watering. Anyone ever taken care of cultivated lithops?

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When I saw the topic, I thought “don’t over water”. So that’s not much help. Probably give it as much light as you can without baking it.

Check which species you have. I think of them as Namaqualand desert plants. Expecting to be mostly dry.
When I worked in the Zurich library, someone had a row of potted succulents. Very. Carefully watered. With an eye-dropper!
There is some nice info on the wiki on iNat for Lithops.


Lumpy and Wrinkled? Perhaps post a picture?

I dunno but I keep looking at Lithops seeds longingly but never have the guts to buy any - either seeds or plants. Good for you! It’s always a learning process.

some lithops need a long dry period with no rain at all where they turn brown for a bit. That is what they are supposed to do and do in their natural habitat and if they don’t get that they get weird over time with multiple duplicate leaves. I don’t remember when exactly it is supposed to be dry though

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They’re great little plants for a sunny window sill but do need some special care to keep them looking good. You might be better asking your question on the forum of one of the Cactus and Succulent societies. Try the BCSS (British Cactus and Succulent Society) or CSSA (Cactus and Succulent Society of America) or DKG (Deutsche Kakteen Gesellschaft). All these societies have many knowledgeable members who will be happy to give you advice.


It would depend very much on the particular species.

If they are from the Little Karoo they share Cape Town’s mediterranean winter rain - so want a dry summer. But - not the heavy rain - which is why Kirstenbosch (heaviest rainfall in our City) built a dedicated Conservatory to display succulents from across the country.


what I’ve learned from past experience is never water if there is winter, your pot should have holes and soil must be sandy, avoid feeding your plant fertilizer in winter, and also don’t feed it excess when it is growing.

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Welcome back! Long time no see!

It started grwing a new set of leaves so I think thats why it was lumpy and squishy

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Yes the older pair of leaves will support the newer ones. Then the old set shrivels away.

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