CV suggestions are different (and mainly bats) when uploading

When uploading observations the CV suggestions are way off and mainly suggest bats.

If I look at the same observation after it’s uploaded CV seems to be working correctly.

Using the website on Firefox 90.0.2.

Is there anything in the file name you have for this picture that reminds bats? (system uses file names to autofill the id). And is a location added on the first screenshot?
The fact it thinks Whooper Swan is the main possibility on the second screenshot is still weird btw.

File names are the same as I always upload with and are pretty much what the camera names them (the photo in the swan observation is “DSC_0883_ue.jpg”). The photo has the location in it’s metadata and is added on the first screenshot.

I don’t know then what triggers it, for me it shows normal suggestions in uploader

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this in other people’s observations as well, there are some common things (though perhaps not ones a layperson would easily recognize) that have been blatantly misidentified, I assume due to CV recommendation, but when I go to enter an ID the suggested one is correct.

I’ve figured out what’s causing this. I had privacy.resistFingerprinting enabled in Firefox, if I disable it the CV suggestions work as expected in the uploader. It was also making it so that I couldn’t use ctrl+click in the uploader to select multiple observations (dragging a box around them still worked).


I just added aa exception forr and now it is working again.
about:config, privacy.resistFingerprinting.exemptedDomains


I can replicate and I’ll let our devs know, but since this is an experimental feature in Firefox, I’m not sure we can promise a fix.

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When I enabled privacy.resistFingerprinting I see this error in the console:

Blocked from extracting canvas data because no user input was detected

I don’t see that when it’s disabled. Reading up on how privacy.resistFingerprinting works, I see it apparently blocks access to a hidden <canvas> element on the page. We’re using a hidden <canvas> element to resize the images before we upload them to get automated suggestions, so if that doesn’t work, I’m guessing it ends up sending no data, or like a 1-pixel image or something, leading to the screwy results.

In addition to the remedies listed above, if you have resistFingerprinting enabled, you should see an image icon appear in the address bar of a page that’s trying to access canvas data like this:

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 5.30.45 PM

If you allow iNat to use your HTML5 canvas data, automated suggestions should work normally again. What remains unclear to me is how we might detect that access to the canvas has been disabled like this. I kind of wish Firefox would simply raise an exception we could catch instead of silently returning data that apparently can’t be used for fingerprinting.

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