Every ID comes up as a Vesper Bat

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In Firefox, but not in Edge, using the iNaturalist.org Upload button, all photos are identified as Vesper Bats. This started a few days ago.

Sounds like this problem:


Following the clues in the link you provided I did the following and it worked:

In about:config, add inaturalist.org to privacy.resistFingerprinting.exemptedDomains

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maybe you just don’t realize that all you are observing is actually a vesper bat :D


Most people don’t know of the Vesper bats’ (subfamily Vespertilioninae) remarkable ability to camouflage themselves to look like anything. This might explain why the app is seeing them everywhere. In fact, there might be one or two in your room right now. Have you taken a close look at your computer mouse lately?


Luckily the AI can see through the camouflage!

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