Computer vision refuses to show "seen nearby" suggestions

I found out that sometimes cv doesn’t show any seen nearby suggestions while they’re on for me and there’s no button to turn it on/off as on other observations, so basically it’s working as before location was added to cv and suggests Old World taxa for observation in Canada:

When it’s working normally and not totally sure it should show something like this:

I’ve had this issue recently as well. So far, my only solution has been to reupload the observation and if that doesn’t work, I have mixed success with adding and reordering additional photos to the same observation.


Pretty sure this is when trying to add an identification to an observation from someone else, thus suggestions can’t be done.

But I check another observation of another user and it’s working normally:


My reply was to funnystuff2495, his suggestions of adding other photos or deleting and re-adding the record wont work when you are trying to use the CV on someone else’s record.

Ah, their suggestions, sorry, thought you meant cv suggestions are not working on those obs; knowing that it can be overdone by reuploading and changing order is good info, it means it’s not a file problem, but a system one!

Don’t want to start a new topic, but this one is new for me, was it possible before to get no suggestions at all?

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Have not seen that, yet.

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Yeah, I’ve noticed this as well and reported to our devs.

Please share the URL of this observation.

seems like this should probably be closed at this point.

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Yup. Thanks!