Dashboard isn't showing all Taxon subscriptions

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Step 1: Went to https://www.inaturalist.org/home and noticed my subscribed taxa only has 4 taxa & does not include Kappapapillomavirus 2.

Step 2: Searched for taxon and iNat finds it

Step 3: Clicked save to add it

Step 4: received an error that I was already subscribed to it.

Refreshed page…still only 4 taxa & the virus is not among them (see screenshot on Step 1)

The dashboard/homepage only shows a small subset of your subscriptions. If you click the gear icon to the right of the Subscriptions header, and then click Taxa on the left side of that page, do you see it listed there? https://www.inaturalist.org/subscriptions?type=taxon


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Yes, that works! Well, maybe I need to make a feature request re: Show More. :P
Thanks, Cassi!