iNaturalist website says 0 species have been observed

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Website
Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Chrome

The iNaturalist page claims that 0 species have been observed.

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I see the same thing, although the numbers are correct once logged into the website.


Looking OK to me at the moment in both Chrome and FF:

i can’t reproduce the problem either. for folks seeing bad counts, i think it would be useful to open up your browser’s developer tools to see if any console errors are being logged. that page makes one request to get the latest data. so if that call fails for some reason, that might explain why you see bad counts.

Nothing for me. Seems normal

I was using Chrome like the poster. I saw zero 6h ago at 8:20pm US EST. Then it was gone by 3h. So it seems to have been be back to normal since 3h ago, although I assume that means it probably really happened widely earlier.

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if things are back to normal, then i suggest closing this bug report. i would guess this kind of issue is not important enough to try to track down if it’s not happening anymore. if anyone sees it happening again, it’ll be helpful to capture console logs from your browser.

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looks like maybe an issue with the stats controller – the json it’s generating isn’t getting all the numbers


looks fine to me:

maybe it’s just a case of occasional system slowness leading to incomplete results?

yep, it refreshed since the screenshot – yours has a newer timestamp

interestingly, the stats are only supposed to update once a day

three more data points in case they’re useful




hmmm… i can see it giving me two different update dates depending on whether the request is coming from me directly or if it’s being initiated by

not sure how that happens, and it may not be relevant, but i thought it was interesting.

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Just saw this issue as well on ios

This was also was still occurring today on desktop Chrome version, in case that wasn’t already known.