Date absent on recent observations

While curating observations, I notice that many observations in the recent past do not have date observed leading the observation to be marked as casual. while casually highlighting to observers, they say it was unintended. It seems that this could be a bug. Wanted to highlight this.


it’s very difficult to take action without more detailed information. this sounds similar to several other previous bug reports, but it’s hard to say much more unless more details are provided…


I suspect the auto detection of date while uploading observation to not be working. This observation is from cases in India.

please provide specific examples

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thanks, I m leaving the discussion until I hear or see more. Since I have not been uploading posts during this time I can’t tell. the idea of making this post was that if other users felt so too then the issue can be addressed faster. So far , It seemed suspicious and I have been raising it personally with observer.

When you encounter this again, please share links to the specific observations where this happened so we can investigate.

It may have to do with the interpretation of a time zone via one of the apps, but we’ll need to look at specific observations to investigate further.

Great. Thank you! Will do as suggested.

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This was an issue with observations made South Australia (it’s since been fixed), its time zone is +9:30 UTC and that non-standard offset caused a problem where the observation’s date was not filled in, even though it was recorded, and the observations were casual. Not sure if this has a related cause, but the end result sounds similar.

@tiwane @carrieseltzer : Here are a bunch of observations by this observer. He confirmed that he uses the app and his observations don’t get updated inspite of even manually trying to update the observation date, he said. But he’s able to make the changes on his observations via the web/laptop.

I am not sharing all his observations since there are many and the oldest of such observation without date dates back to March 2019. as per date of upload. Here are some of such observations of his.

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Thanks! I’ll send him a message to get more details.

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I had checked with one other person as well where she had transferred the file via WhatsApp and it resulted in date missing while upload which I m guessing is normal.

Tiwane : Here 's another who is having some issues, something similar with a bunch of observations.