Dates are not correctly translated with language Español (México)

With language set to Español (México) and on the observations page:

Unobscured dates are not translated, and obscured dates have some text that should be the year.


looks like a problem in Portuguese as well. could be a problem in other languages, but didn’t go through others.


I’ll let our devs know.


I think it might the translation issue. I’ll check on Crowdin.

Yep, it is. There’s a correct translation already added, but it hasn’t been approved by the proofreader yet.
I don’t know why the month is in English though. Maybe it’ll fix by itself once the year is fixed.

looks like whatever the problem was, Portuguese is fixed now, but Espanol (Mexico) still has a problem.

The correct translation is still not approved, so the “AMAMAMAM” is still there. But why the month is in English is a mystery for me.