Wrong French translation for "1 month"

“1 month” shoud be translated as “1 mois”. (Plural is identical: “2 mois”).

“1min” is wrong, it means “1 minute” (and a space is missing).

Translations are done by volunteers and I assume can be corrected by volunteers too. See here:


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I’m not sure this is really a mistake. The ID could have been made actually 1min ago. The observation could have been a month without an ID. The original observer did not make an ID.


Good point, the screenshot doesn’t actually prove the translation is incorrect. It was fairly easy to find the observation and confirm that @jeanphilippeb is correct. The ID shown was made 1 month ago.


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Huh. That’s interesting, because I tried to ID something a minute ago in English (both to see if the spacing part was independent of translation and to remind myself whether minutes in English are designated as “min” or “m”) and it appears as “1min” so I thought @annemirdl was probably correct.

I wonder if it happens with other observations or if it was just a fluke on this one?

I didn’t search for the observation. The link helps a lot, thanks. If one toggles between languages it shows 1mo for English, German and French (Canada), but 1min for French. It’s actually a translation problem for French.


It’s doesn’t seem to be consistent which is used. I would expect it to be “min” as that’s the SI standard.

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I thought that’s what it was doing, but I think I saw some which didn’t follow that rule. BTW I started a new thread. Could someone (@bouteloua?) move these last two posts over please?

Abbreviation of minutes on identifications is inconsistent

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Here’s the page to help out with French translation: https://crowdin.com/translate/inaturalistweb/38/en-fr
There are a bunch of untranslated strings.

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I went there once, but gave up, because it is often impossible to translate without context. It is well known by localization professionals that contextual information is the key to translation quality.

Contextual information could be a screenshot of the whole page containing the “sentence” (or group of words) to translate.

That’s why I go on creating “bugs” about bad French translations. Sorry if this is not the expected process. I know and understand that this topic is difficult to manage (BTW, localization management is part of my job).

Where is the “1min” entry to be corrected as “1 mois” (meaning “1 month”)?
Where is the “2mo” entry to be corrected as “2 mois” (meaning “2 months”)?

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There is a comment section on every translation where you can ask for context when needed. Otherwise I just use github to see where it is on the website and check for the context myself. But that’s a bit trickier.

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Thanks, I didn’t know that:

Inversely, how to find “1min” and “2mo” in the translation tool, to correct the translation?

You can search for things like “1min” or “%dmo” on the top left of the page:


Thank you very much for teaching me so much.

I used the upvote and downvote (nothing else to do?) as follows:

I think that’s it. Updates to the translations are made a few times a month.


In case anyone sees this thread later, there is one more step. To make sure that someone is notified, please add a new comment indicating the current translation is wrong, and make sure the box labeled Issue is checked. (This issue discussed above is already fixed and doesn’t need this.)