Dec 2020 Reptile Database taxonomic update - help wanted with new species

Reptile Database (our taxonomic reference for Reptiles) released a new update. It includes 161 new species not in iNat. I did a bit of work trying to figure out which ones of them were carved off from existing taxa (e.g. adding the new vine snakes Oxybelis koehleri, O. potosiensis, O. microphthalmus, O. rutherfordi, O. vittatus would require splitting Oxybelis aeneus as described here

These are the remaining 93 that didn’t strike me as obviously carved off from existing taxa. My plan is to add these 93 and if we later determine that any of them were indeed carved off from existing taxa please flag them and we can retroactively split (narrow) the existing taxa to accomodate these new ones.

That said, I’m pasting in the 93 new taxa I will add here and if you want to spend any time finding ones that aren’t ‘wholly new’ (ie adding them, like Oxybelis koehleri, requires splitting an existing species like Oxybelis aeneus) and flagging the relevant taxa, thanks for your help.

Abronia morenica
Acanthosaura liui
Achalinus pingbianensis
Achalinus tranganensis
Achalinus zugorum
Ahaetulla borealis
Ahaetulla farnsworthi
Ahaetulla isabellina
Ahaetulla malabarica
Ahaetulla oxyrhyncha
Ahaetulla sahyadrensis
Ahaetulla travancorica
Asymblepharus medogensis
Asymblepharus nyingchiensis
Atheris hetfieldi
Brachymeles burksi
Caaeteboia gaeli
Ceratophora ukuwelai
Cercosaura pacha
Chlorosoma dunupyana
Cnemaspis palakkadensis
Cnemaspis ranganaensis
Cnemaspis rishivalleyensis
Cnemaspis selenolagus
Cnemaspis stellapulvis
Cylindrophis slowinskii
Cyrtodactylus amphipetraeus
Cyrtodactylus maelanoi
Dendragama schneideri
Dixonius dulayaphitakorum
Dixonius pawangkhananti
Eirenis rafsanjanicus
Eutropis resetarii
Goniurosaurus gezhi
Goniurosaurus gollum
Goniurosaurus varius
Hemidactylus hannahsabinae
Hemidactylus nicolauensis
Hemidactylus rishivalleyensis
Hemidactylus sirumalaiensis
Hemidactylus vernayi
Hemiphyllodactylus dupanglingensis
Hemiphyllodactylus minimus
Hemiphyllodactylus zayuensis
Liolaemus anqapuka
Lipinia microcerca
Lucasium iris
Lycodon deccanensis
Lycodon zayuensis
Lygodactylus baptistai
Lygodactylus nyaneka
Lygodactylus tchokwe
Macropholidus montanuccii
Magliophis exiguus exiguus
Nactus aktites
Nactus allenallisoni
Nactus alotau
Nactus amplus
Nactus arceo
Nactus arfakianus
Nactus chrisaustini
Nactus erugatus
Nactus fredkrausi
Nactus grevifer
Nactus heteronotus
Nactus intrudusus
Nactus inundatus
Nactus kamiali
Nactus modicus
Nactus nanus
Nactus notios
Nactus panaeati
Nactus papua
Nactus rainerguentheri
Nactus robertfisheri
Nactus septentrionalis
Oligodon lipipengi
Ophisops agarwali
Oxyrhopus emberti
Pareas andersonii
Pareas geminatus
Pareas modestus
Rhinophis karinthandani
Scincella baraensis
Smithophis arunachalensis
Stegonotus caligocephalus
Stenocercus diploauris
Stenocercus nigrobarbatus
Tantilla lydia
Toxicocalamus mattisoni
Trachylepis boehmei
Trimeresurus davidi
Xerotyphlops syriacus


I have added the three species of Achalinus. They are flagged under that genus.

and Acanthosaura liui -

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