Taxonomic key for families and genera of snakes from Colombia!

Hi there!

I’m creating this post to share with you a personal project in which I was (and I’m) working, the Taxonomic key for families and genera of snakes from Colombia.

This document has not been subjected to a peer-review process beyond the comments of those who have tested it. I think a traditional peer-review process in a journal would be very complicated, since it is a large scale key and the only way to peer-review some like this is testing how it works. Without mentioning that, in a continuous changing herpetology, a paper in a journal will outdated quickly. For this reason I’ve self-published the key as an analogous exercise of those of citizen science.

I’ve made it public in order to get feedback from the people and improve it continuously. Currently is only in Spanish, but I hope to translate it soon as posible (any help will be welcomed).

I share the link to an iNat post in my profile where I’ve posted it, and the direct link to ResearchGate.



Gracias por este trabajo.


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