Default page opening on logging on

When logging on, I am used to getting straight to the Identify page. Lately this has persistently opened with the Search tab showing Afrocarpus. I have not consciously set this to happen and cannot find any place to stop it recurring. How can I do this please?

The default page after login should be the “home” page. If your default has previously been the “identify” page, I am assuming you are using a bookmark in your web browser to navigate to iNat. So if it is now navigating to Afrocarpus, it’s likely that you either accidentally created a new bookmark or somehow changed your original bookmark. This can be fixed by navigating to the page you want upon opening, creating a new bookmark, and deleting the old bookmark.

If you are not using bookmarks, your web browser may be auto-filling when you start to type in the search bar. So, if you start typing “” does the browser auto-fill “”? Clearing your browser history should fix that.


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