Delete observation

Good afternoon,
I am the administrator of a project: is it possible to delete another user’s observation from the project?

Screenshot 2024-05-17 9.08.04 AM

If you scroll down on that obervation’s page, you can click the gear icon and click “remove from project”


if your project is a “traditional” project, you can do as tcriley suggests. however, if you project is a collection project, then you have less granular control. you’d have to change the project’s inclusion / exclusion criteria to change what appears in your project. for example, you could exclude a particular user’s observations from your project, or you could include only observations from project members in the project.


but this option doesn’ t appear if I click on the icon

What’s the URL of your project? Specific details are important to include if you have a question.

Your project is a collection project, which means you cannot manually remove (or add) any individual observations. For each observation, either it fulfils the project requirements/filters and it is included, or it doesn’t and it isn’t included.

If you want to remove an observation, you can only do so by changing the requirements/filters, although of course this may mean that other observations that you want to keep are also excluded

For traditional projects, it is indeed possible to remove observations individually as explained above


Perfect, all ok