Deleting observations from a traditional project

i am administrator of a TRADITIONAL project and need to delete soem “test” observations. is that possible? i cant see to see where to do that?
or do i need to contact the individuals and ask them to delete their onw observations?

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Click on the observation you want to delete. On the right side, under ‘Projects’ heading, click on the settings symbol beside the Project name, choose ‘Remove from project’ in the drop down list.


thank you - not obvious - but I see it now. appreciate the help on this forum.
do I assume it has also been removed from iNaturalist altogether, not just my ‘traditional’ project?

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No this only removes it from the project. Assuming they are records you added yourself, you can delete them via the blue coloured dropdown at the top right of the observation page (assuming you use the web client). If they are someone else’s records, only they can delete them


thank you for your help. this answers my question.

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