How to remove an observation from a project?

The question is in the subject. I am talking about projects that collect observations automatically, basing on location. I want to remove my observations from some of these projects (which I am not a member of). Thanks.


You need to pm the project leader and they’ll add you in filters.

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Try going to settings in your profile and select “Content and Display”. Under project settings, you should see two options that may meet your needs. One is to only allow projects you have joined to add your observations. The other is “…only you can add your observations to projects”. I’m not sure if selecting these options will remove your observations from projects retrospectively but they will stop than from showing up in the future.

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Does that work on collection projects or just traditional projects?

Okay I looked at the page and it says
“This only applies to traditional projects. You can’t exclude observations from collection or umbrella projects, which are essentially saved searches. You can read more here.”

So I think the only way to remove yourself from a collection project is the way Marina said, message the project leader and have them “exclude user”


Collection projects are basically just saved search filters, so removing your observations from them is like removing your observations from Explore.


They ignored.

IMHO it’s not the way it should be. :/

Project admins can exclude specific users from their project using Exclusion filters

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Out of curiosity (and genuinely not trying to be rude) but why do you want to remove your observations from collection projects? These are usually just meant to serve as an alternative to specialized searches, or to perform functions like including multiple unrelated clades (eg., a collection project that includes cormorants and ducks but not boobies) or places (a project that includes observations in Nebraska and Hawaii but not the rest of the US).

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It’s a reasonable question, and I will explain why.

Eg., there is a project named “Чешуекрылые (бабочки) Крыма. Lepidoptera of Crimea. Russia”. I strongly disagree with the last word in the title and do not want to contribute to such a project, even in an automatic manner. There are more projects like this one, I need to investigate.

As I mentioned above, I have already contacted the admin of the above mentioned project, kindly asking to exclude me, but no reaction followed.

In fact, there were certain complains about projects like the above mentioned one, but the iNaturalist authorities seemingly took no action (which, in my view, is a shame…)


@kharkovbut as this is the only way currently (for the project admin to exclude you in the project settings), I re-marked this as the solution to the question.

See this relevant feature request:

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Better to say there is no satisfactory solution, since this one depends on a good will of the other user…

Thanks for directing me to that feature request since I was already going to post a similar one. :) I hope it will be incorporated at some point…


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