Deleting an identification removes the reviewed tag, even if another identification was added

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Step 1: Agree with an identification. In my case, it was a Family Portunidae

Step 2: Realize you meant to put in a species so add a new identification. In my case Callinectes sapidus

Step 3: At this point the “reviewed” flag is set in the front end

Step 4: Get embarrassed that you agreed to the wrong thing and click “Edit” on the Family-level ID

Step 5: On the new page that opens up, select “Delete” so that nobody knows your shame.

Step 6: Go back to the identification page and reload (or hit show more unreviewed)

Step 7: Notice that the observation you had deleted the interim identification shows up, with the “reviewed” flag turned off

Expected: That the observation will keep my “reviewed” tag since I did have another (active) ID for that observation

This was previously reported, so I’m going to close this thread to focus on the existing report.

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