Deleting photos from an observation

How can a photo be deleted from an observation? I’m trying to fix an observation that includes two individuals of the same species but am unable to delete one individual. Duplicating the observation didn’t help - now I have 2 observations in the same state! Thanks for any help…

Can you please clarify if you need this for the website version or one of the mobile apps

In edit mode, just untick “Sync?” as many as you want to delete and then press “Save observation”


@GeraldA has the right solution - just untick the photos you don’t want and save.

Note that clicking on the word “Sync?” itself will do something different – it will re-read the photo metadata (date, location if any, etc.) from that photo and make those the data for the observation. If you accidentally do that without intending to, just cancel instead of saving.

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Just the website version - all I want to do is fix up the observations.

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