Different kinds of projects?

Hello! I am trying to select the option in a project I host (PA iMapInvasvies) to only include observations made by users who have joined my project. I understand this is an option in some kinds of projects, but is apparently not an option available to select in my current project. What can I do at this point? Do I need to create a whole new project in order to have access to this option? Any help on this issue would be very appreciated.

That’s a “traditional” project. For some reason, iNaturalist manages to hide how to do it, though this is the only kind for classroom use, in most cases. You can learn about it here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/managing-projects


I look at rules and there’s really nothing that can’t be added in a collectional project, so it can be useful for you to transfer it to one (you can do it in “edit” of the project) that will both allow you to easily set observations to “subscribers only”, but also automatically add all the observations.

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