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This summer I took part in a iNaturalist project that was partially organized by my university. I had a lot of fun and I wanted to create a similar project where my friends and I could share the wildlife we find during our time in nature. How can I create a private project like that (requires an invite or request to join) on iNaturalist?

You can create traditional project where you can set only yourself or moderators (your freinds) to be able to add observations. Or if you want to add all observations you add to the website or those in one partical dateframe then you can use collectional project where you can set name of people whose observations will be added to the project. You can’t restrict who join the project but they won’t be able to add their observations if you use those settings.

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Thank you so much for the help!

More info about projects here:

You can make a traditional project which has an “invite-only” option. This is one like that that I made: Everyone will have to add their observations to the project though. It won’t be automatic.

Probably a better option for you would be a collection project. You can either set it to observations from members only and as an admin you can remove members from the project if you don’t want them there, or you can set the observations to be from a list of people and don’t worry about who joins. This is my project where I used members only method: . Here’s an example of a project that uses the method of listing the people:


Agreed, if it’s a small amount of people, collections project with manual adding of users is likely the easiest way to go. I use it for small class projects, and it works well.

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