Discrepancy between species number on Observations and Profile

Platform ): OS Mojave

Screenshots of what you are seeing :

Screenshot 2020-04-11 at 23.14.20

Description of problem :

Step 1: Go to observations tab and look at number of species

Step 2: Go to profile and see if number of species is the same

Those two places count species differently, explained in detail here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/how_inaturalist_counts_taxa


ok thanks! I did wonder if it was something like that.
I scanned through… its fairly long and slightly confusing though tbh haha :D
so forgive me if I am not getting it…but I still don’t quite understand the discrepancy

Should the observation species total correspond to rank/leaf/any totals on profile list view somehow?
I have 941 species on my observation panel.
I have 722 species now listed on my profile following an update.

On my life list, if I set taxonomy:any
I have 500 taxa if also set to rank:species
I have 722 taxa if also set to rank:leaves
I have 1238 taxa if also set to rank:any

As I understood the article, my species list on my observations panel should be the same number as the rank:leaves / taxonomy:any on my life list?


Ah! I fixed this now.

I had to use the “Tools” in the life list section to update it it seems.
After using “Reload from observations” and then “Re-apply list rules”, I have 941 on both my profile and my observations tab.

Thanks again for your help @tiwane !