A bug in the species count?


On Sep 30 last year the Species count on my profile page showed “1905”. I did not log in for several months due to family issues, and when I did at the end of March, the count showed “1052”, i.e., a difference of 853 species. That day I uploaded some new species (with RG to the species level), and the count again went down, to 1051. It has not moved since, even though I continue to upload new records, again, with RG to the species level.

Is this a bug, or is there an explanation for such a dramatic fall in the count?


Species count conflict in same project/place views

The number on the profile used to be hyper-inflated , double-counting a lot of taxa (ie, counting the genus and species of a single observation as 2 separate “species”, so it’s good to see that it’s been fixed to give a more accurate count. Still, I get different numbers all over the site, so it’s still very inconsistent depending on where in the site you’re looking, for example:

On my profile: 4161 species
On my Observations page: 4621 species
On the “Observers” tab on the same page: 4014 species
On my life list: 4212 taxa

As point of comparison, the number on my profile used to be around 6000, which is very wrong, so the new count feels like a more accurate reflection, albeit still inaccurate.


Wow! Thank you for the feedback!

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