Different taxa counts for umbrella project overview and leaderboard

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Step 1: Create (or find) an umbrella project
Step 2: Check the species count on the overview and compare it to the project leaderboard

I recently read the bug report about the differing species count fields and the different ways that iNaturalist calculates species (taxa) counts, and it reminded me of this weird issue with my umbrella project I noticed. The collection projects in the umbrella project have their project requirements set to filter only certain species-level taxa, and they don’t have any in common, so I assume the different counts are due to infraspecies taxa. However, in my opinion, the counts for the leaderboard and the overview should use the same counting strategy, because it’s a little confusing to see the different numbers for the same thing.

Yes, umbrella projects show different stats than project itself, as I remember it’s also because one count all branches and the other one species only? It’s not a bug as I know.

@melodi_96 is right, collection projects use the “leaf” count for taxa (as described in the How iNaturalist Counts Taxa page you linked to), whereas umbrella projects use species count. Leaf count is significantly more taxing, computationally, so it’s not used for umbrella projects.

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