iNat Year In Review Download Link Just Opens Profile Pic In New Tab

Platform Web view, windows, chrome

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages:

The button that says ‘download’ just opens a new tab with a large version of your profile picture, something I doubt was the intention. You can see the URL it links to in the screenshot. Love the year in review very much.

It’s working for me on both iNatCA and regular iNat. I also checked my own stats page and it worked both before and after I regenerated my stats.

Is this still happening, @mycomagus? Can you try a hard refresh of the page?

I just generated my stats for the first time, and the download link does just take me to my profile pic as well. Link is:


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Mine still works as intended

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Mine works I believe as intended on but a grand-friend’s account just produced his profile picture - however after a hard refresh it produced as expected.

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After a hard refresh, mine takes me to the correct share link/graphic. I notice that the profile pic is a part of the share graphic, so I wonder if that is related.

I’m using

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Thanks all. Which browsers are you using?


Firefox for mine.
Chrome for my grand-friend, plus it was the first time opening his page.

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Refreshing didn’t fix it but restarting the browser entirely did, it generates something more like what was expected (profile pic included but also a frame and statistics lol)

Using Chrome.


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OK, I filed a bug report here:

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