Do people discuss areas where they believe photos should be taken and then posted?

I often look for overlooked areas as they may hold interesting nature photography subject material. Is this ever a topic of discussion? I live in western Kentucky.

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When I started using iNaturalist a few years ago to contribute to an annual dragonfly survey in Ohio I used the iNaturalist Explore map to see where people had found things in the recent past. I then looked for places/parks where people hadn’t reported anything. I looked for good dragonfly habitat in those unvisited areas and found things.


I don’t know if it’s a topic, but it makes sense.

Urbanized areas and immediate suburbs are generally well surveyed. As you get further away (more remote) you’re more likely to encounter delicate species and species that don’t like development. In other words, the more remote the higher the probability you’d see something of more interest.

I am fascinated by ruderal plants and frequently take photos, although they are often a handful of very commonspecies. Life and roots find possibilities in areas you would never think of.

For instance, Ailanthus altissimus (Götterbaum) is of course an invasive species in Austria and in all Europe, but sometimes I can´t help admiring its ability to live surrounded by concrete.