Do you mistake iNat for Twitter logo (or vice versa)?

The inat app logo is an unmistakable shape of a bird in flight. Whilst being a bird, still it is vaguely reminiscent of a plant leaf :herb:. The light green colouring even gives more life to the iconography. And green happens to be my favourite colour. Helps me relax.

Twitter logo, on the other hand, is more notable as a bird. Also in flight, but calling as well. The active bird form is a white fill against a blue background.

Having both app icons in same group on my mobile phone home screen, on account of their similarities, causes minor mix ups for me sometimes. Does this happen to anyone too?

2 out of 5 times, I choose iNat when I mean to launch the Twitter app. And I am mindless about this until the interface launches. This is when I realise that I’m in the wrong place.
Other times, I could also mindlessly choose Twitter logo, when I mean to go on iNat.

I visit both apps almost as frequently each day, and the occasional and personal confusion with the almost identical logos is often an object of humour.

Which other app has logo with form of a bird like these two?

PS. This is not a complaint about the iNat logo. It is perfectly OK.


Which other app has form of a bird like this two?

Merlin (ebird’s app)
BirdNET (ID bird calls)

No, I’m not.

I don’t confuse them, but it might be a real issue for those of us who are blue-green colorblind. At least they are negatives of each other!


You’re an avid birder. I have the ebird app, but use web more.

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No, but I don’t use Twitter. Oddly, on my PC menu, I often get the Winnipeg weather app (red Canadian Maple leaf) and Bugguide (red beetle) mixed up. Occasionally facebook and the Guardian (both blue)!

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Ha! I can relate with that of Facebook & Guardian. I frequently consume read articles.

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I do not have a twitter account, so I have never confused them!


What’s that “twitter” thing? Does it recognize bird sounds perhaps? I could make use of that


Never. The Twitter logo gives me the creeps, as does the very idea of the platform and most of its dreadful inhabitants. The iNat logo gives me the warm fuzzies and a longing for new spiders to ID.


Twitter and iNat wouldn’t show up on the same screen on my phone.

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LOL. Try #twitternaturalistcommunity or #twitterfornaturalists

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I wish it did. But there are birders on the platform, especially if you follow, or subscribe to feeds on ‘birds’, ‘environment’.

The iNat bird used to be less slender, which made it look even more like the twitter logo:

I still kind of miss the lil’ dumpy bird of the old logo. I thought it looked more leaf-like (yes, I know there are many other leaf shapes; don’t come for me, botanists. :laughing:).


Are they negatives of each other? They are both colored logos on a white or transparent background. I don’t have twitter: does the mobile app icon switch it from their website and have a white logo on a blue background?

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This forum is about as social as I can handle!
My Home Screen has calendar, clock, weather, barometer, (next row) contacts,Merlin,Fieldguide,safari( next row)
Camera, photos, iNat, Seek
Everything else is less important and on the next three Home Screens!


Yes, it does! Mobile icon is white bird in blue circle. Never noticed it was the other way on website


The color difference is very evident, and the Twitter bird is plumper

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Who has time for Twitter when there’s iNat?